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«Zavod KUB-Ukraine» LTD

In 2009, the total production volume of the KUB factory in Europe was approximately 2,000 tons of metal products. Over the course of seven years of dynamic development, the company has turned into a modern industrial holding. Already in 2010, due to the focus on the best development practices in Europe, the company was able to invest in the construction of a new factory in Ukraine. Continuous innovation is the foundation of the company’s strategy.

In nearly five years, the KUB brand has become popular and in high demand in Eastern European countries. During this period, not only was the latest production technology developed, but also a well-thought-out concept for further development was formulated.

The year 2011 marked the production of high-tech enclosures for the energy and IT sectors with IP66 and higher protection class at a new facility.

Service – for Partners!

  • The KUB service offers the availability of KUB products anywhere in Europe, from Kyiv to Hamburg.
  • KUB pays special attention to individual technical specifications, manufacturing both serial and non-serial products, tailored to your technical requirements.
  • The KUB Partnership Agreement is a guarantee of our commitment implementation.
  • Technical support from KUB is available in any part of Europe.
  • We are always in the process of resolving your technical questions. Always! Even while you sleep!

ideale Formen

The main advantages of our products are manifested in the form of a unified effect that combines solution functionality, high technical characteristics, high-quality service and your daily convenience. The effect is evident in our products with regular stability!

The KUB.ideale Formen concept is a progressive, well-balanced system platform that combines high-quality service and technical support, geometric precision, and construction reliability of systems, compliance with the rules and industrial standards of European countries, satisfying the requirements of professionals in the fields of energy, mechanical engineering, and IT.


Looking into the future, we create the present!

By employing a comprehensive approach in product development, KUB finds optimal and unique technical solutions for our partners in the energy and mechanical engineering sectors.

The cornerstone of our system platform is the model of XL distribution enclosures. Its versatile design has found applications in both industry and the IT sector, providing solutions from mounting enclosures to data center construction.

By blending German practicality and reliability, KUB has earned its place among the leading European manufacturers of electrical distribution systems.

Your competent partner

High manufacturing quality.

Qualitative materials. High production culture meets global standards.

Ergonomics and design.

The products fit perfectly into any interior, whether industrial or office.

Necessary and sufficient functional capabilities.

The products are equipped with all necessary mounting accessories.

The perfect design is convenient for quick installation.

Safe construction. The floor cabinets have been tested for static load up to 1000 kg, grounding of all components through the frame of the structure.

Full compliance with the declared technical parameters.

Compliance with European production standards and CE regulations.

About us

The year 2011 marked the launch of a new factory in Ukraine for the production of high-tech enclosures for the energy and IT sectors with IP66 protection class.

In such a short time, KUB has firmly established itself in Europe as a reliable high-growth manufacturer of electrical distribution systems, microclimate control, and IT infrastructure.

KUB. ideale Formen  is a progressive system platform that combines service, innovation, and technical solutions.

KUB products have found application in various industries.