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Recalling the aphorisms of classics, we realize that by investing in education, we achieve the desired result – our own development!

Having systematic knowledge about market development trends, the applicability of KUB engineering, and its technical compliance with market requirements is your distinctive feature and competitive advantage.

In the era of direct access to global sources of information, the relevance of acquired knowledge is always a concern.

By attending KUB workshops, you are working with reliable information about engineering solutions and innovations from the manufacturer.

You will learn the most up-to-date information on the reliability of electrical distribution systems, solutions to individual mechanical engineering tasks, as well as the possibilities for optimal construction and efficient operation of data centers. We look forward to seeing you at KUB educational events both in Ukraine and abroad!

Quality Standards

The areas of application for KUB products are becoming increasingly global, and operational requirements are growing every year. Compliance with the high standards of Europe can only be achieved through systematic and purposeful quality management of the manufactured products and provided services. The consistently high level of product quality repeatability is ensured by a global control system at all stages of production.

KUB continuously develops and implements modern methods for surface treatment of products, powder coating, and basic metalworking processes. In line with DIN EN 62208 standards, all KUB brand cabinets have received the CE mark through technical testing. This marking indicates full conformity of the manufactured cabinets with the approved directives of the European Union.

The compliance of KUB products with global standards is confirmed by the company’s trade partners and visitors to annual industrial exhibitions in Europe.

Product Handling Guidelines

KUB products are stored and transported in accordance with European directives for cargo transportation. The following standards regulate the operations of all companies involved in the transportation and storage of KUB products:

  1. Delivery and warehouse storage conditions are governed solely by the KUB partnership agreement.
  2. The factory label on the product packaging indicates that it has passed all stages of internal quality control.
  3. The unloading process is only possible when the necessary transport markings are present on the product packaging.
  4. The transport vehicle and its equipment must meet KUB requirements for the highest level of safety during the delivery process.
  5. KUB products are transported only in a fixed position.
  6. For maximum protection against external damage, individual cargo must be tightly wrapped with stretch film or strapping material.
  7. The position of cargo item in the load compartment of the transport vehicle should be steady, and all unloaded units should be secured with safety straps.
  8. Unloading and warehouse storage of products are carried out only with the use of treated wooden EUR-pallets or specially manufactured transport brackets.
  9. Transport pallets and brackets that do not meet load-bearing capacity standards, have visible damage or exterior contamination, must be removed from the work process with KUB products.

By setting the handling conditions for KUB products, we ensure the quality of our products. We create KUB.ideale Formen!