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Success of our partners is our concern!

The combination of German reliability and the wide functionality of our products is the key to the long-term achievements of the KUB.ideale Formen concept in the implementation of various projects in Eastern and Western Europe. Our partners in the fields of mechanical engineering, energy, and the IT industry confirm this, and this is reported every year by visitors to the world-renowned industrial exhibition, Hannover Messe.

Electrical distribution and automation

For the implementation of technically complex projects and solutions in the field of automation and electrical distribution, European companies prefer steel and stainless steel enclosures from the KUB brand.

The flagship series of cabinets L66 and XL55 are used for the implementation of projects. Additionally, KUB provides technical support at all stages of project execution, from planning to the installation of distribution systems, from the development of technical documentation for individual solutions to their further manufacturing.

Thanks to the standardization and extensive functionality of KUB brand cabinets, dozens of projects with high technical requirements for equipment operation are successfully completed each year, both in moderate weather conditions and in aggressive environments.

IT Systems

Innovative solutions and products of the future continue to distinguish KUB throughout its history, as we understand that innovation defines a leader even among the worthiest representatives of the IT market.

As a result, KUB partners receive a variety of products, but at the same time, all data center requirements are fulfilled individually. Each new cabinet incorporates state-of-the-art technologies and offers our partners exceptional experience.

The KUB system platform includes both new IT infrastructure components and standard options and solutions for data center construction. The sophistication, combined with the simplicity which is inherent in every part of IT solutions, impresses users of our systems.

The impressive appearance of our solutions, combined with all the necessary functionality, makes KUB the best partner in its class for solving data center problems.


Mechanical engineering imposes exceptionally unique and individual requirements for the operational reliability of components used in manufactured systems. At the same time, distribution panels and control panels for heavy and medium-duty mechanical engineering must meet special requirements for protection and load capacity, and feature geometric accuracy, unique design, ease of installation, and rapid integration of enclosures into the final solution.

Serial and individually developed solutions based on the KUB.ideale Formen concept consistently demonstrate the competence of your partner in the field of machine building.

A single system platform and a wide range of mounting elements enable our partners in the machine-building industry to maximize the benefits of a systematic concept that has proven its relevance: geometric precision and reliability, rapid installation, compliance with the technical and service requirements of European machine builders.