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Certification for Seismic Testing

10 December 2022

LLC “Zavod KUB-Ukraine” declares that the XLG55 series cabinets, in combination with a steel sheet pedestal of 100mm or 200mm, already meet the requirements for seismic zones 1, 2, and 3 as standard. * For seismic zone 4, XLG55 cabinets can be equipped with an earthquake kit in combination with a comfortable handle and seismic-resistant pedestal, and they meet the parameters for an earthquake intensity of up to 9 points on the MSK-64 scale. Since empty (unfurnished) cabinet bodies cannot be certified, this should be considered as a comparative parameter.

ApplicantLLC “Zavod KUB-Ukraine”
EDRPOU code37026910
SphereLLC “Zavod KUB-Ukraine” develops and manufactures products and solutions for engineering systems in the field of electrical engineering and telecommunications.
DECLARED THATproducts are manufactured in accordance with the directives: EN IEC 62208:2011 DSTU ISO 9001:2015 DSTU IEC 62208:2009; GOST 14254-96; GOST 17516-90;
External mechanical impact resistance (protection degree, IK code) – IK 10 Allowable static load – 1000 kg Resistance to mechanical factors – M2 Vibration resistance test report (fully presented in the October 2019 test report)test report (No. 61035) test report (No. 61035) test report (No. 61035) test report “MSK-64”  
PROGRAM of tests for resistance to mechanical influences and seismic resistanceSMKHL.000.00.001 SB
Standard surface protection Production technologyDouble surface treatment – phosphating, powder coating by spraying – provides good corrosion protection for the surface of the body.
Paint descriptionPolyester powder paint
ColorRal 7035, textured
PurposeFor external use characterized by high resistance to atmospheric influences, UV radiation.
Testing for durability Resistance to salt mist HumidityISO9227 480 hours. 1000 hours.
EXPECTED SERVICE LIFE (ISO 12944-2:2017E) C1-C2 C3 C4-C5-C6Corrosion Category Environment M (5-15 years) L (2-5 years) + additional treatment
– range produced;  Housings for distribution and automation systems Housings for IT equipment AISI 304 stainless steel enclosures

Seismic Resistance




  • Object: Low-voltage distribution devices “Seismic-resistant distribution cabinets XLG55” (test object) Name: XLG55-2086 Cabinets (2000mmx800mmx600mm)
  • Construction type: Welded frame of steel frames.
  • Protection class: IP55, IK10, Un, B: 1000, In, A: 2500
  • Load, kg: 800
  • Supply set: frame with a ceiling panel, lockable doors, side and rear walls, solid bottom protection, seismic resistance kit with a 200mm pedestal, grounding kit, key, packaging.
  • Production: LLC Zavod KUB-Ukraine (UKRAINE)

The test results are satisfactory according to the program of tests for resistance to mechanical influences and seismic resistance. After each test, internal and external visual inspections were carried out. No damages or degradation were detected after each test. The purpose of the preliminary tests was to verify the cabinet body’s compliance with the requirements for resistance to mechanical influences (seismic resistance, vibration, impacts) stated in the regulatory documents (ND) Seismic test results.

Note: The vibration acceleration values correspond to the parameters of NP306.5.02/3.035-2000 for an earthquake intensity of 7 points on the MSK-64 scale and an installation height of the product up to 10 m.