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Solution for Data Centers. Isolated Cold/Hot Corridor.

22 January 2023

NEW! Solution for Data Centers. Isolated Cold/Hot Corridor.

The basis of all KUB solutions is product quality and complete safety of IT systems. Depending on the requirements, KUB manufactures data centers of various sizes – “from a data center in a single cabinet” for small enterprises and infrastructure of large data centers.

Another innovation from KUB-Ukraine Plant is the new XL-3D series of IT cabinets.

The XL-3D system platform includes new components of IT infrastructure, standard options, and solutions for the construction and operation of data centers.

Thus, partners receive a variety of products from one source, and your requirements for data centers are met individually. Each new cabinet incorporates state-of-the-art technologies and offers you a unique experience. We invite you to explore together with us!

Technical specifications of XL-3D:

  • The height of the isolated corridor corresponds to the standard height of XL-3D cabinets: 42U, 46U
  • The width of the isolated corridor is 1.2m (two perforated tiles)

Ceiling section for air flow separation in data centers:

Ceiling sections for air flow separation are attached to the top part of the cabinets to prevent the mixing of cold and hot air. The ceiling sections have a length of 600mm, 800mm, and are made of transparent 3mm-thick polycarbonate. According to fire safety regulations, this material is non-combustible.

Sliding door system for air flow separation:

The corridor entrance is through 1200mm wide doors. The option of doors is available: standard sliding doors with a mechanical opening system (each door leaf opens independently). The standard sliding doors are mechanical.

Development, manufacturing of enclosure products, and system installation – KUB-Ukraine Plant.